“Inquire’s ability to drive down cost of operation and improve efficiency has won hearts across multiple industries”


In today’s businesses and industries, people are not necessarily eager to add more technology into their workflows. That is, unless it makes their job easier, drives their cost down, and somehow frees up time. To add technology into your workflow that could do this…well, that would be a no-brainer.


Technology is Breaking Boundaries


Ever-evolving and adaptive technology is driving and transforming business every day. It doesn’t really matter what industry you are in, businesses that want to thrive are in a constant climb to adapt and take advantage of technologies or solutions that will actually help them become more productive, decrease cost and increase profits.

When we set out to expand on our sister company, Revcord, we knew that we wanted to use its voice recording technology, but bring it to the next level to find the solutions that these businesses were looking for. Specifically, Inquire was sparked by the need for mobile video interviews for Child Protective Services officers.


…… But Inquire Solves More Than Just One Problem


After investigating the requirements of these officers, Inquire found there was much more needed than a video interview.  The primary issue was that there were no systems that provided for an easy to use interview platform, nor for the management of these case events after the fact. With these reports and interviews being created by multiple parties, their storage being unorganized and not centralized, we set out to build the perfect technological solution.

The result was a software that could be utilized in far more than just the Social Services industry.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

~Arthur C. Clarke

How Does Inquire Reduce Cost of Operation and Improve Efficiency?

Inquire is an intuitive innovative technology that is designed to be used daily by various agencies and individuals. This app is providing solutions and answers to questions that have before now bedeviled us. The great thing about Inquire is that it is driving down the cost of operation of Child Protective Services, Law Enforcement Agencies, Government Agencies, Miners, Schools, Top Corporations, Small Business, and even individuals.

But reducing the cost of operations isn’t just the sole objective of Inquire… This technology is also built to make jobs easier, free up time, and increase overall efficiency. Below, we discussed how Inquire is improving efficiency across every industry.

Here are just 5 ways among the many in which Inquire Technology can elevate your industry.


1. Money-

In an uncertain economy when every penny counts, even the smallest increase in revenue or reduction in expenses can have an impact on company profitability. The good news is, the Inquire software offers a simple, one-stop solution to do exactly that.

Inquire is designed to improve efficiency while reducing cost. Imagine having a meeting with your supplier over your Android smartphone or smart device using Inquire app. Companies no longer need to invest in expensive teleconference technologies that could cost you arm and leg to maintain. Inquire doesn’t require any expensive technology, just install the app and schedule your meetings. It saves you money and time!

With the rising cost of organizing interviews, companies no longer need to have candidates present. They just need to inform the candidate to download the Inquire app and then schedule a face-to-face interview over the app. The great thing is that you can still have the same interview experience without increasing your cost of operation.


2. Time-

One of the most important and valuable assets we have at our disposal is time. The pressures on the workplace and pace of life in today’s society have made time a vitally important commodity in all our lives. It is therefore essential that as a professional, you utilize your time as wisely as possible.

By reducing time spent on each task, organizations can greatly improve efficiency. Of course, when it comes to time, we can never get enough of it. Imagine a parent wants to attend his child’s Parent-Teacher conference but his boss wouldn’t let him leave the office. The parent can conveniently be part of the meeting by connecting to the meeting with his Inquire app. The great thing is that he can be able to make his own contributions to the meeting. This is like being in two places at the same time…. Thanks to the Inquire app.



3. Organization-

Detectives, investigators, inspection officers, and even social workers require detailed and precise data in order to log, maintain and present their cases. In most incidences, it’s paper and pen or at best a digital hand-held recorder that documents the event. Writing down facts and answers to questions is far from 100{dc3ee23bc0cbd620328a0ee587789b376fd65f403eb8b10e2b7a476b9f6d8f6d} accurate. Studies show that there is a 20{dc3ee23bc0cbd620328a0ee587789b376fd65f403eb8b10e2b7a476b9f6d8f6d} error rate when comparing handwritten notes with the voice recordings. Often times witnesses, suspects, and interviewees are asked to travel to another location in order to be questioned and many times it is hours or days after the event. By the time they recall the information, not only does their statement have the possibility of misinformation, but the inaccuracies of hand writing notes or transcribing recordings only increases the errors. On top of the organization of the notes, when different cases workers are assigned to a case, there is simply no central file management.

With the Inquire app, you can keep a more accurate and centralized record of information and avoid the risk of giving skewed or falsified information. Inquire app couldn’t have come at an important time when the integrity of witnesses are being subjected to scrutiny. This app will make the job of law enforcement officers easier and increase the way information is stored, remembered and used.


4. Scheduling-

In corporations, schools, and law enforcement, one of the biggest issues faced is scheduling of the meetings, conferences, and interview rooms.

In corporations, schools, and law enforcement, one of the biggest issues faced is scheduling of the meetings, conferences, and interview rooms.

Every business has corporate and board meetings and most struggle to get everyone scheduled to attend. The same can be said for educators and school administration. Many times teachers are unable to attend due to other obligations at the school or administrators and counselors find themselves at a different campus.  Additionally, and more importantly, parents may not be able to attend due to work obligations or travel. Even investigators can find themselves waiting for interview rooms to even be available before they can speak to a witness or suspect.

With Inquire offering live stream collaboration or recording of these events, the need for everyone being in the same room at the same time is obsolete. Attendees can easily be added to the event, no matter where they are.


5. Liability-

Education and Inspections face liability issues on a regular basis. All school systems, whether public or private, have a number of mandatory parent-teacher meetings. These fall under two main categories, Special Needs (504) and Disciplinary.  Both types of meetings happen regularly and involve Parents, Teachers, Specialist, Administrators, Advisors and may include the student and law enforcement. With both of these types of meetings, employing IQ3 technology would assure that there is never any question about who said what, who attended, what the recommendations were, etc.  Inquire captures 100{dc3ee23bc0cbd620328a0ee587789b376fd65f403eb8b10e2b7a476b9f6d8f6d} of record, both audio and video of all participants in the room (subject to camera alignment) and 100{dc3ee23bc0cbd620328a0ee587789b376fd65f403eb8b10e2b7a476b9f6d8f6d} of the audio coming in from outside contributors.

Accurate and unquestionable documentation with the IQ3 platform serves the inspection industry as well. Insurance companies, particularly those that are responsible for larger value items or that offer liability insurance to corporate customers often need to visually document property or accident scenes.  Agents in the field can now stream live to their offices for feedback or additional instructions. Large apartment management firms will find IQ3 a perfect way to document proof for cleaning and damage expenses.


Why is Inquire Emerging As a Revolutionary Technology?

Organizations today are facing many challenges that sometimes complicated software don’t even scratch the surface of solving. At Inquire, one of our key goals is to keep the software simple, user-friendly, and so diverse that it can solve these challenges that are being faced.

Of the many solutions that the Inquire technology offers, these are just a few ways in which we are impacting these specific industries. When it comes to reducing cost, increasing time, or even improving the organization of important cases and files, what are some ways that the Inquire app could be used in your industry?