The Importance of Having An Accurate Record of Events Should Not Be Underestimated

Field notes play a significant role in every criminal investigation. Here are just a few ways that keeping a record of investigations and documenting evidence is crucial:

  1. They provide a record of events, times, places, suspects, witnesses, and other information and are often used as the basis of incident/offense reports.
  2. Details are more reliable than a person’s memory and can be used as a source of specific facts and details that otherwise may have been forgotten.
  3. A detailed record of events also reduces the need to re-contact victims or witnesses regarding information that may have been overlooked or questions that may not have been asked during the initial contact.
  4. Finally, it is not uncommon for officers to testify in court several months or years later regarding an investigation. A comprehensive record can not only help refresh the investigator’s memory but can also strengthen his or her court testimony.


The Issue With Handwritten Notes For Documentation

To date investigators have relied on handwritten notes to chronical events surrounding an investigation.  Depending on the size and scope of the investigation these handwritten notes can be overwhelming and very difficult to manage.  In addition, it is virtually impossible to write down every detail of an interview.  It only takes a short period of time for important details to slip away from your memory.

One way to combat the overwhelming task of organizing handwritten notes and to address a potential loss of information is having a digital record.  Having the ability to use your smartphone in the field to record audio and video of an interview or to document various steps throughout investigation process ensures you have a complete and accurate record of events.  In addition, having the information digitally offers a much more convenient and efficient method to search, sort, and organize the various events of an investigation.

Inquire IQ3 is the next generation software for Interviews, Investigations, and Inspections offering an easy to use, efficient method to capture, store, and manage massive amounts of digital information that can easily and efficiently create a chain of custody to presented in court for evidence.

Using your smartphone, IQ3 offers the ability to capture a complete and accurate record of events by recording the audio and video of interviews and other steps throughout the investigation process.  Investigators can bookmark specific points within the IQ3 Event to identify key points of interest for quick reference.  The Inquire Multimedia Management System (MMS) provides investigators the ability to search and manage the IQ3 Events for a specific investigation.  The MMS provides an easy to use interface for search, playback, investigation reconstruction, reporting, and includes a quality assurance module.  Inquire IQ3 will not only improve the accuracy of information gathered during your investigation, Inquire IQ3 will provide an efficient way to manage the digital information collected during your investigations.


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