For nearly 40 years, the Future of Education Technology Conference has gathered the most dynamic and creative education professionals from around the world for an intensive, highly collaborative exploration of new technologies, best practices, and pressing issues. Its impact has been felt by thousands of districts, schools, educators — and ultimately students.

Among the leaders at the conference, Inquire is certainly standing out. With its next-generation technology, the IQ3 platform is connecting teachers, administrators, counselors, and students. This level of collaboration is not only game-changing for IEP success but also looks to be an integral technology tool for 504 meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and even teacher evaluations.

Inquire is an FETC key exhibitor, which means that attendees will be able to visit Inquire in booth 2512, scan the QR code in the booth from their smartphone, and be entered in a drawing to win great prizes! While they are there, they can learn more about how Inquire works and even test out the many features such as geotagging events, live streaming, creating bookmarks, and even how to send the event recordings to the cloud for centralized storage and a continuous HIPAA compliant record.

The impact of immediate collaboration on the future of education is immense, and Inquire stands as a leader in that space. Be sure to come by the booth and experience all the ways this simple smartphone app can transform all of your education meetings and trainings.

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