How Can A Life Be Saved When There is No Doctor on the Site?


“When an accident happens on an offshore facility in the middle of nowhere with no doctor on the site and medical facility far away, is there any hope for the injured?”

Several months ago I had an opportunity to visit a remote oil drilling site in West Texas.  As I toured the location I realized that we were really out in the middle of nowhere and that if something happens to one of these workers that they would be a long way from anyone with medical training or ability to help. By the looks of it, it will take hours before we will be able to get a helicopter to the onsite facility and another hour before proper treatment can be commenced on a medical facility.  Such a scenario puts the accident victim in extreme dangers.

With a medical facility far away and no doctor on the site, there is an urgent need to find a near-perfect solution for workers that find themselves in such condition.


Can Another Worker Offer Proper Treatments to Save A Life?  


It dawned on me that providing these locations with a better way to communicate to a physician could not only be a matter of life or death to the injured worker but it could also be the difference to the company on whether this person was taken by car or air to a hospital.  It also got me thinking about industrial in other areas i.e. offshore and thinking about how connecting that patient to a medical doctor via an audio/video assessment could determine that patient’s outcome.  When I was on that oil platform I thought about someone getting hit by a piece of equipment and being unconscious on the platform deck.  When such a thing happens, an urgent basic medical attention is needed to stabilize and save the life of the victim.

With no doctor on the site, another worker/supervisor can be able to apply life-saving treatments to at least, stabilize the victim and get him ready for transportation to a medical facility.  For this to be possible, the supervisor will need an efficient tool to get live guidance from a top doctor.


Timely Treatment of Offshore Accident Victims with Just an App


With InquireMD, that supervisor would have the ability to launch the app and have a physician on the other end guide the supervisor through a detailed assessment of the patient to assess, triage and treat them for life-threatening injuries.

The ability for a remote patient to have a direct connection to a healthcare provider anywhere in the world is a benefit to the patient to receive better healthcare as well as to the industrial company to reduce the unnecessary costs of transporting patients to local hospitals and ensuring that those patients are transported the appropriate way and to the appropriate hospitals. When at that site, I asked the supervisor what happens if one of the guys on the rig gets hurt, he said that depending on the extent of the injury and distance to the hospital they either call an ambulance or helicopter and work on the floor stops until such time as the patient is moved.  I talked to him about the concept of using a remote Assessment and Triage app and he was excited about the idea.  Think about this if you’re in a remote location or an industrial workspace, providing that initial contact with a physician is the right thing to do for your employees.


InquireMD Can Save Lives and Reduce Cost of Treatment


If you are going to send workers to work in a remote location, you need to send them along with InquireMD. This could make a difference between saving a life and losing one while working at an offshore facility, or any remote job. InquireMD will connect a worker at the site with a top medical doctor, the doctor will now teleguide the worker on the treatment to apply while at the same time monitoring the procedure. In fact, most companies using this app currently refer to it as the “pocket doctor”.

InquireMD is unique and special, not just because it could make a difference between life and death, it could actually help an organization save money that would have otherwise be spent on transporting an accident victim.

Note that accidents are not limited to oil platforms, it can happen anywhere. Accidents can happen right inside of your office. Having an InquireMD is just like having a doctor working with you. Getting access to a top doctor is just a click away when you are using InquireMD. In case of an accident or where a worker needs medical attention, just click on your app and you will instantly be connected to a top medical doctor who will remotely diagnose the patient and recommend appropriate treatments.


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