Can Students Become Better With Active Parent Participation In School?

Everyone agrees that parent teacher meetings are an important part of a student’s educational well-being.  The time spent in these meetings allows both the educators and the guardians to gain a better understanding of the child’s abilities, plan curriculum, and scholastic goals. These meetings even become more crucial when it involves 504 students or disciplinary issues.


How Effective Are Parent-Teacher Conferences?

“When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like school more.”

That’s the conclusion of A New Wave of Evidence, a report from Southwest Educational Development Laboratory. When schools engage families in ways that improve learning and support parent involvement at home and school, students make greater gains. When schools build partnerships with families that respond to parent concerns, honor their contributions, and share decision-making responsibilities, they are able to sustain connections that are aimed at improving student achievement.


But, There is Just One Problem…….

However, the reality in today’s world is that many parents simply cannot attend every meeting. Obligations at work and those that travel may find it hard if not impossible to attend.  Not just that, weather, health, and many other external conditions can also play a role in non-attendance. Even educators and specialist can find it difficult to attend every meeting based on their increasing workloads.

Without a doubt, it shows that there is a need to create a solution that allows parents to participate actively in their child’s education even when they are busy at work or traveling.

“With the demands of their work environment, how can parents meet up with their responsibilities at school? Inquire IQ provides some insight into this problem”


Can Technology Provide a Solution That Allows Parents Participate Actively in Their Child’s Education?

Inquire IQ3 offers a simple and effective way for both parents and teachers to interact without the cost of expensive video conferencing equipment.

The sad reality is that, as important as these conferences are, parents can’t attend them all the time. Besides, most schools can’t afford to pay the cost of acquiring technology for video conferencing, even if they do, it will be difficult for parents to acquire such an expensive technology just to talk to a teacher. That is why Inquire IQ3 is such an effective solution that solves this age-long problem. This app is changing the way parents and teachers collaborate to educate students.


Parents, teachers, and specialist who cannot make the meeting can now participate securely via their smart devices. They can take notes, chat, and view the event live from any iOS or Android device.  Mandatory documents that are created can all be stored together in one case along with the recorded meeting. (If permissible and requested) Educators and parents can quickly review information with more accuracy than ever before; increasing a successful outcome for the student.


With Inquire IQ3, parents and educators don’t have to choose anymore. It doesn’t have to be the case of “if a parent can’t make it to the meeting, he misses out entirely”. Now both the teachers and parents can join hands to actively train the students by interacting through Inquire IQ3. Any parents with Inquire IQ3 app can log into the school’s Inquire IQ3 channel and participate at parents-teachers conferences while traveling, at work, or even while on the hospital bed. You don’t have to miss out on your child’s education anymore…. Thanks to the Inquire IQ3.

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